Managing Growth 

The biggest challenge facing the city of Allen is growth. While it appears that we are reaching buildout, much of our vacant land still needs wise decision-makers. We are fortunate to be located in a strong place on the map. We are a somewhat smaller city in comparison to our neighbors, but we are large in heart and character.

The role of the City and City Council in managing growth is not so much in dictating what can and cannot be done on private property, although planning and ordinances do play a large role. Allen works hard with the landowners to avoid costly legal battles over property rights. We allow landowners and investors to be a part of the process. Ultimately, the City has very little land that it has complete control over.

Our Land Development Code was written to direct landowners and investors while at the same time protecting citizens and their homes. Maintains affordable housing options and allowing the market to dictate products and pricing can be a battle. The goal has been to create a sustainable, cradle to the grave community, of high quality. That can be easier said than done.

A strong business community can help offset the taxes homeowners pay for amenities and services. I voted for tax rate decreases each year I was on Council. And while I did not always get the amount of decrease that I wanted, I was proud of the Council and staff’s efforts to manage the wants and needs of Allen. Twice in my nine years on Council, citizens voted overwhelmingly to pass bonds for streets, parks, library additions, public safety, and art to make a more beautiful place to call home. Yet, with the addition of all those things, huge business growth, and a recession, your Allen City Council continued to make the jewel of Collin County shine bright.

With that said, I join with our current mayor in my desire to see an effective tax rate, or very close to it as we move closer and closer to build-out. As the business and retail community continue to fill in our vacant land, homeowners should see some relief on their tax increases while retaining the benefit of increased valuations of their homes.