Frequently Asked Questions

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Q – Why did you step down from Council in 2017?
A – I made a promise to myself that I would step down after 3 terms. I have seen too many people in office get too comfortable, complacent, and even conceited. I felt like that was the right amount of time to serve.

Q – Why are you running again?
A – Like many, I am tired of the politics. In the 4 years since I stepped down, I have perceived politics replacing public service. Outside influences and money are flexing some muscle in Allen. I want to make sure that Allen stay focused on Allen issues.

Q – Why did you run for County Commissioner and is this just a stepping stone to higher office?
A – From my position on Council, I had a good view of what our County is doing. After 6 months on a Grand Jury, I felt like those incredible men and women in the District Attorney’s office were overwhelmed. I felt like my Commissioner was only in Allen when there was a photo op and largely invisible. I felt Allen was treated like a step-child in the County. I ran to change those things. I have no aspirations of higher office, but I do hope for better governance.