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The Leadership Allen Needs

Allen is great. It is a great place to live and raise a family. Allen is a great place to work and worship. Allen is a great place to shop and play. Keeping the ALL in ALLEN is about making sure each of us can find greatness for ourselves.

A Vision For The Future

We must focus on the rising cost of living and the impact taxes will have on families. Again, I’d like to see a focus on the effective tax rate. To do so, the City must continue to have smart development.


Actionable Issues



We must focus on the rising cost of living and the impact taxes will have on families. Again, I’d like to see a focus on the effective tax rate. To do so, the City must continue to have smart development.

Allen Youth Council

I’d love to see a focus on helping our youth understand local government. I picture a Council made up of 24 young men and women of high school age on a council that meets once a month. City Council members and City staff would share the workings and decision making that goes on. They would receive Council agendas and meeting notes. They could attend Council meetings and events. And, they would have access to share their thoughts and concerns, as well as ask their questions.

Managing Growth

The biggest challenge facing the city of Allen is growth. While it appears that we are reaching buildout, much of our vacant land still needs wise decision-makers. We are fortunate to be located in a strong place on the map. We are a somewhat smaller city in comparison to our neighbors, but we are large in heart and character.

The role of the City and City Council in managing growth is not so much in dictating what can and cannot be done on private property, although planning and ordinances do play a large role. Allen works hard with the landowners to avoid costly legal battles over property rights. We allow landowners and investors to be a part of the process. Ultimately, the City has very little land that it has complete control over.

Public Health & Safety

Allen has often been recognized as one of the safest cities in Texas. A large amount of credit goes to the City leadership of years past that has provided the support to hire and train some of the best. The police and fire personnel are some of the heroes of our community. While I was on Council, we were avid supporters to help them be the best they could be. I am a big fan of our chiefs and their focus on serving and protecting the community.

About Joey Herald

Born and raised in McKinney

6th generation Texan from Collin County
Married to an Angel
Father of 7 choice spirits
Grandfather of one adorable child
Realtor – Broker/Manager –
Former Allen City Councilmember
Former Allen Economic Dev Corp – Board of Directors
Bach of Science – Family Sciences
Favorite song – Sweet Life by Paul Davis
Favorite movie – It’s a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra
Favorite TV shows – Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy

The Future of Allen

Allen is great! Really it is. You do not have to travel far to see that Allen is truly a jewel. And yet, it is not perfect. However, while no place is perfect, it is the way Allen has responded to challenges that make us who we are. Allen has been built on the shoulders of great women and men who have extraordinary hearts. Here are a few things I would like to see as we move forward together…

  • Lower Taxes – For years I focused on building the economic base in Allen. During my previous time on Council the value of Allen went from nearly $7B to well over $12B, with about 75% of that growth coming from economic growth. With that strong base, homeowners should be able to see relief in their taxes.
  • Youth Council – The creation of a youth Council of 24 freshmen to seniors who meet monthly to learn how local governments work would be a great investment in our future. They would be mentored by Council and City Staff and included in projects.
  • Smart and Adaptable Growth – Managing growth has long been our greatest challenge in Allen. The last year has pushed the Work from Home concept forward 5-10 years. We may want to tap the brakes and see how the future of offices and retail will respond before moving forward with the realities of yesterday.
  • Monthly Community Focus – If you have ever moved a piano, you realize coordinated efforts are essential. Together we can accomplish just about anything. I would like to see a monthly focus or Council challenge that would engage the passions and efforts of citizens. These challenges might
    include ACO, Keep Allen Beautiful, Blood Drives, Arbor Day, ISD’s, Public Health and Safety, and many other worthwhile objectives.
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